Prototype Design

Prototype Design

Prototyping is a process of building a model or a draft version of an idea. It is a method of product designing that is used in various applications in mechanical engineering and software development. It is also a stage where preliminary changes and product fixes occur before fabrication happens. a model of a product built for study, testing and display.

  • The product design will undergo various trials and modifications. A Computer Aided Design (CAD) mechanical detailing carries out this stage. This tool is also used to evaluate product performance, marketing work and product costing. A prototype is an operating version of a solution. It is often made with different materials than the final version.

  • Mechanical design and prototyping is always required before the manufacturing process, so accurate and well-designed products can be fabricated and produced. With prototyping, the potential issues of product can be detected in the process and massive loss could be avoided.
  • Purpose

    Prototype - a life size working model of a design used for testing development and evaluation.

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